Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Nikolai Zherdev is a must sign in my eyes. Thou there is alot of you who want Zherdev out of NY, i think we need to resign him. He's got so much skill and talent. He is also very young and is still learning the game. I know he was a No show during the playoff's, but you got think the reason why he struggled was because it was the first time hes been in the STANELY CUP PLAYOFF'S. The Rangers have along history of letting players go because they havent met there potential yet such as Savard, Zidlicky, York, and many others. SATHER ruined Mike York's career when he traded him for tom poti(he doesn't deserve to have his named capitalized). I believe that this kid can be an NHL SUPERSTAR, we just need to give him some time.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Naslund has retired.

Naslunds statement-

"I would like to sincerely thank Glen Sather and the New York Rangers for giving me the opportunity this past season in New York," said Naslund. "I would also like to thank the Vancouver Canucks and all of their fans for their support over the 11-plus seasons I was a part of their organization, as well as to the Pittsburgh Penguins where I began my NHL career."

When the rangers signed Markus Naslund i was not happy. It was amazing to me that Sather would let Jagr walk away for a guys who's been struggling with the new NHL. I knew he was going to have a mediocre season in which he did. He was slow as hell and invisible most of the time. With all of this he was really classy. Especially retiring when he did and saving the Rangers some cap money instead of waiting and let the Rangers buy him out and cost them 2 million in cap space. It was a good time for him to retire because he wasnt producing like he use to.


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